What Is Backflow Testing?

It keeps your drinking water safe from contaminants in Lubbock, TX

Since the water in your irrigation system may contain fertilizer or pesticides, it’s important to make sure your system isn’t at risk of backing up and contaminating your tap water. Lubbock Turf Irrigation completes backflow testing on your irrigation system to ensure your drinking water is safe. Call now to have an experienced team test your commercial or residential sprinkler system.

Be proactive by scheduling backflow testing today

Your sprinkler system might not show signs that it’s backing up and can even continue to work as usual. The only way to know that it’s not backing up is to schedule residential backflow testing every three years and commercial backflow testing every year.

Typically, a unit is installed with your sprinkler system that allows for backflow testing. This is how we make sure that the values in the unit are working properly. Call now to schedule backflow testing with the professionals at LTI.